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Worship Volunteers

Shalom Worship Volunteer Position Descriptions


Sound/Video Booth
Lead Usher
Offertory Usher
Acolyte, aka Candle Lighter
Communion Server
Sanctuary Décor
Communion Prep


Do you enjoy baking goodies? Church Life is always welcoming contributions to add to spread after the service. Bring your contributions to the kitchen before worship on Sunday mornings or drop off earlier in the week. Fruit and healthier choices are always welcome!


If you don't have time to bake or buy anything but would still like to contribute. There is a donation basket set out on the table each Sunday.

Youth Program Volunteers

Christian Education is looking for more volunteers. We feel it's so important for youth to meet and get to know other adults in the congregation. What better way to do this than to volunteer and spend some time with them. See Requirements to Volunteer with the Youth at the bottom.

What does volunteering look like?

Sundays- When the children are excused to the Learning Community, you will join the lead teacher in the room to participate in activities, crafts, and spend time getting to know our Kindergarteners-5th Graders.
Nursery- Infants through Pre-schoolers stay together during Learning Community. This is a go with the flow kind of group. You can read stories or play games until it's time to combine.


Requirements to Volunteer with the Youth~

All volunteers need to be well known members/congregants of the church, to have read and signed Shalom's Safe Church Policy, and to have passed a background check (Church office will contact you with information when you sign up).